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Technical support

Thank you for your interest in Pick[+].

We aim at making it very easy to work with our technology and have created resources and materials to support your experience.


In this section you will find the most up to date version of:

  • Pick[+] users manuals and installation guide 

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Tutorials ("how to" video guides)

If you need further assistance, please reach out to us using the button below explaining the issue you are facing in sufficient detail for effective problem solving. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

UR+ URcap software robot artificial intelligence vision

Product documentation

Download the most up-to-date version of our  product (link below) as well as documentation including manuals, certificates...

picking camera gripper bin vision barcelona

Pick[+] User guide

Click on the button below to download the user manual for the Pick[+] client application.

Pick[+] Installation guide

Click on the button below to download Pick[+] installation guide.

Pick[+] UR Cap guide

Download BitMetrics' UR Cap for Pick[+]. 

How to...

Learn how to use Pick[+] in minutes!

The following videos contain a detailed guide to each of the steps needed to install, configure and calibrate Pick[+] as well as  the creation of applications.

01 Install Pick[+]

Learn how to set up all the Pick[+] components

02 Configure Pick[+] 

Learn how to configure hardware settings

03 Perform eye-in-hand calibration

Learn how to calibrate robot and camera (camera in robot)

04 Create a U-Pick application

Learn how to create and execute the 'unknown' pick application

05 K-Pick: scan objects

Learn how to add samples to build K-Pick applications

06 K-Pick: generate models

Learn how to generate / upload 3D object models

07 K-Pick: picking points

Learn how to define object's picking points in K-Pick applications

08 K-Pick: tool collision box

Learn how a tool bounding box can be defined and edited

09 K-Pick: application creation

Learn how to create and train a K-Pick application

10 K-Pick: execution

Learn how to create and execute a K-Pick application

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