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AI-boosted & flexible vision solutions enabling the automation of repetitive manual processes 



Tasks as emptying containers, sorting objects, assembling items, preparing orders, feeding machines (among others) are fundamental in the execution of manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and intralogistic processes.


Pick[+] is our hardware agnostic picking technology that allows robots or machines equipped with computer vision systems to: 1) identify items by type or category, 2) select pick candidate, 3) make pick by collision avoidance and 4) place item in the required pose and location (such as a conveyor belt, assembly line or packaging station).



Pick[+] palletizer

Loading / unloading trucks, containers or pallets in a secure and optimal manner by attending at stability and space criteria plays a crucial role in streamlining supply chain operations and goods transportation. It constitutes an essential process in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and shipping centers.

Pick[+] palletizer is our palletize & depalletize solution that, combined with the suitable robot, gripper and camera: 1) identifies items such as boxes by type or category, 2) allows for optimal, automatic generation of pallet patterns and 3) offers online and offline mixed palletization both in 2D and 3D contexts.




Several vision-based tasks such as item counting, presence / absence of items or features, item classification, defect detection or pattern deviations can be automated with our solution scan[+] without the need for vision expertise and programming skills by the end user.

Our software scan[+], combined with the most suitable cameras for the particular context, enables the automation of vision-based processes across various industries, including manufacturing, electronics, automotive, aerospace, logistics and pharma to ensure the quality and integrity of products and/or processes.



Application design & support services

Our solutions can be easily implemented with minimal robot integration (if required) by non-vision experts. However, your business is unique and so are your challenges. Our dedicated experts can work closely with you to understand your needs and accompany you through the design and setup of your specific application to achieve a high-performance execution. 

We provide user manuals, video tutorials and assistance for any technical issues you may encounter during your integration. Besides, we offer a comprehensive remote training session when you acquire any solution by us.

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