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Pick[+] palletizer assists in automating tasks requiring vision-guided robotics such as loading and unloading pallets, containers, trucks...

Save workers from repetitively lifting heavy loads and keep them safe preventing injuries whilst increasing productivity and overcoming revenue losses.

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Pick[+] palletizer is a versatile software solution that enables the automation of several handling processes through AI & vision-guided robotics in manufacturing and intralogistics.

Most common use cases include layer-forming pallets with customized or automatically optimized patterns, unloading boxes from a pallet to place them in a conveyor belt, feeding machines with material that is picked directly from a pallet, etc. Pick[+] palletizer also assists with systematically removing boxes, bags or other packaged items from a loaded container or truck.


Pick[+] palletizer identifies and locates candidate boxes or other items by type, selects candidate pick items and aligns them as expected to place them in the required position and orientation.


Pick[+] palletizer is tolerant to non-deterministic item arrangements in the pallet derived from semi-chaotic scenarios or simply by movement of the items during transportation. 


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Examples of supported applications


Automatically stack boxes or items in a pallet or container with vision-guided robotics for online, offline, deterministic and mixed scenarios.


Pick items or materials from a pallet in an orderly manner or by type, usually onto a production line.


Moving goods or items to a warehouse directly unloading them from a vehicle, truck or container.

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