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BitMetrics' CEO featured by IFR as one of the 10 women shaping the future of robotics 2024

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“All around the world, there are inspiring women who work in our industry and set an example of gender equality,” says Marina Bill, President of the International Federation of Robotics. “We aim to give them more visibility and acknowledgment: From 2024, we will select and officially award IFR's ‘Women in Robotics: 10 Women Shaping the Future of Robotics’.

First list of "10 Women Shaping the Future of Robotics in 2024" includes:

  • Yasmin Al Enazi, Director Business Development & Corporate Alliance UAE Country at MARSES Robotics

  • Michelle Frumkin, Global Marketing Manager Robotics Segment - Abrasive Systems Division at 3M

  • Christelle Keefer, Global Product Manager / Education Director at ABB

  • Mar Masulli, CEO and Co-Founder of BitMetrics

  • Clionadh Martin, Founder and CTO of Coalescent Mobile Robotics

  • Sofie Nilsson, Product Manager at Cognibotics

  • Daniela Sanchez, QC Engineer / QA Manager at Lionsbot

  • Dr. Nadja Schmiedl, CTO at United Robotics Group

  • Dr. Ulrike Tagscherer, Chief Innovation Officer at KUKA

  • Dr. Xiaorui Zhu, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of RoboSense Inc.


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