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Industry Startup winner
best startup manufacturing logistics

Pick & Place
and Random Bin Picking solution

Pick[+]'s is our all-in-one computer vision solution for the automation of Pick & Place processes. 

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software computer vision robot

A DIY approach for non-experts

With Artificial Intelligence, we help you to easily and affordably automate repetitive vision-based manipulation tasks in highly variable contexts without requiring complex integrations.
With Pick[+] you create the application that fits your unique needs successfully grabbing one or different objects (even mixed in a single scene), placing items in different positions...

Plus we free you from writing a single line of code.

How it works

ONE license enabling MULTIPLE robot applications

Gain versatility and start automating easily even for short production runs. Pick[+] software enables the grasping of objects based on geometric and/or texture based attributes.


Grabs known and unknown objects. Pick[+] also deals with flexible, malleable, shiny and organic shapes


Plug & Play, guided calibration, guided application creation...

In summary, you can Do It Yourself


Cluttered, upside-down, mixed or overlapped...

Pick[+] works in chaotic contexts with or without CAD models


All the programming has been done on our side. No integration with camera or robot are required


Users can create and modify their own applications in a matter of hours, any time. No more dependencies!


Our solution is cost-effective, suitable for businesses of all sizes. No matter how big or small, price will not be a stopper


If you would like to explore the feasibility of our solution with your pieces, drop us a line via email or reach us by phone.

We will be  happy to assist and study your case in our lab to make sure Pick[+] serves your interests.

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