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AI-boosted & flexible vision solutions enabling the automation of processes based on 2D and 3D visual inputs




Tasks as emptying containers, sorting objects, assembling items, preparing orders, feeding machines (among others) are fundamental in the execution of manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and intralogistics  processes.


Pic[+] is our hardware agnostic picking technology that allows robots or machines equipped with sensors and computer vision system to: 1) identify, 2) grasp, 3) move objects from a container and 4) place them in a specific position in a certain location (such as a conveyor belts, assembly lines, or packaging station) .



Pick[+] palletizer

Arranging and loading items onto pallets in a specific configuration (palletizing) plays a crucial role in streamlining supply chain operations, optimizing warehouse space, and ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods. It is an essential process for storage, transportation, and distribution of goods in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and shipping centers.


Pick[+] palletizer works in changing contexts, with different product formats and even coping with random positions. Combined with the suitable robot, gripper and camera, it offers speed, accuracy, and the ability to handle loads continuously without fatigue or injury risks to human workers.




Several tasks like item counting, presence/absence, surface defects, color discrepancies, among others can be automated with scan[+] without programming skills and our deep learning knowledge with advantages like eliminating human error and providing consistency in the outputs. 

scan[+] combined with the most suitable camera for each particular context, enables the automation of applications across various industries, including manufacturing, electronics, automotive, aerospace, logistics and pharmaceuticals, to ensure the quality and integrity of products and/or processes.



Application design & support services

Our solutions can be easily implemented by non-vision experts, however your business is unique and so are your challenges. Our dedicated experts can work closely with you to understand your requirements and accompany through the design and setup of your specific application to achieve a high-performance execution that exceeds your expectations. 


When you acquire one of our solutions you receive a comprehensive remote training session. We provide assistance for any technical issues that may arise.

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