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We automate processes based on visual inputs
for manufacturing & intralogistics

BitMetrics' technology supports engineering teams in the automation of vision-based processes for the automation of repetitive, low-value tasks that are labor intensive and require flexibility to adapt to changing conditions in real time. 
Hardware agnostic, our solutions work with top renowned cameras, PLC and robotic brands.


Item counting

Count the presence/absence of items, the number of times that a particular value (item or items) occurs in specific scene or area at a given moment.

Item location

Perceiving the pose of an item and providing the location coordinates (x,y,z)  plays a pivotal role in vision guided robotics and other mechanical handling applications.

Depalletizing / Destacking

Removing items or boxes from palets or other surfaces and disassembling organized objects/boxes layers for individual handling or storage.

Item identification

Item identification is essential for operations in manufacturing and logistics for tasks such as order preparation, palletizing, assemblies, classification...

Item picking

Identifying picking candidates in real time for processes like assemblies, order preparation, engraving, machine feeding, agriculture, among others.

Vision-guided robotics

Employing cameras for precise tasks such as visual inspection, assembly, robot navigation and manipulation in diverse applications for manufacturing and logistics.

Item classification

Recognizing different categories of known items and performing a classification or a different action for each category can be easily automated.

Palletizing / Stacking

Arranging goods or boxes on pallets or other surfaces placing them in organized layers or containers for efficient storage and transport.

Quality check  / inspection

Assessing product's condition or quality through image analysis for defect identification (in surface or internal) such as cracks, scratches, foreign particules among others.


Hardware agnostic (camera, robot, tool)

Non-experts friendly (in vision or AI)

Fast implementation (hours vs weeks)


(for any company size)

Win flexibility

(one license many applications)

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